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App Industry
Brands and businesses are aware of the need to adapt to mobile.  However, implementing the development process can be confusing.  A Different Approach offers expert execution of the many stages of development, from high level strategy, accurate planning, research, business consulting, design, testing and training.
Medical Practice Management
As medical practices across the country face diminished levels of profitability, physicans are reaching out to A Different Approach to enhance and support current operations.  Our process improvement strategies  provide practical solutions that make independent practice enjoyable.  Let us  help you reduce administrative burdens, revamp billing practices, improve patient engagement and increase overall profitability.
A Different Approach Consulting has significant experience across various industries including healthcare, non-profit management and the app industry. 


Non-profit Development & Management
Non-profits do awesome work, but often face signficant financial, legal, and regulatory challenges. With over 1.5 million non-profits existing in the United States, acquiring funding and other resources is very competitive.  Our development and management strategies provide a well defined platform and mission based upon what matters most to you.  We hone in on developing comprehensive marketing and fundraising strategies; and our legal team provides ongoing advisory services to ensure that your tax exempt status isn't compromised.
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